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Gift Certificates — The GroundMasters Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for; Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Weddings, even the neighbor “that really needs it.” They can be used for all of the GroundMasters services.

Bocce Courts
— Bocce can be played on a variety of surfaces: a smooth lawn, rough grass, a dirt road or a grassy meadow. Typically a smooth clay surface with a layer of limestone underneath (for water drainage) is used for tournaments. The general length of the field is 76 feet long and 10 to 13 feet wide but can be adapted to fit any playing surface. The court should have a center line with rectangular outer boundaries. In official courts there will be backboards and sideboards constructed of treated lumber that rise above the ground 6-12 inches. Vertical foul lines should be painted on the sideboards.

Rain Barrels
— These rain barrels are the ultimate in recycling. Not only are you collecting rain water to reduce using expensive treated drinking water on your lawn and garden, but you are also helping recycle barrels that were originally brought into this country filled with olives and pickles. These are food grade barrels, which are safe for use as rain barrels. The 58 gallon rain barrel is approx. 39 inches tall, with a 23 inch diameter. The top of the rain barrel has a threaded lid that’s slightly over 1 foot in diameter. The lid is pierced with 3 holes for taking in water. This rain barrel includes a ball valve for easy watering control.


GroundMasters “For Sale Special” — Got a house that you are trying to sell? How about a little added curb appeal! Call today and ask about our real estate one day makeover.